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My Favorite Health & Fitness Apps That Helped me Lose 30lbs

Apps are amazing! From banking to games to fitness and everything and anything in between – there’s an app for that! Anything you need is at the touch of a finger. And a lot of them are free!

When it comes to health and fitness apps there are hundreds if not thousands of apps to choose from in the app stores.

If you want to lose weight I’ll tell you right now one of your number one tools on your journey will be health tracking apps. Like I’ve said before, for the majority of people, weight loss is all in the numbers. If you consume less and burn more, you will lose weight.

But how can you burn more than you consume if you don’t know what you are consuming?

Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely people (not me) who can just change up their diet and work out a little and boom – weight loss.

I’m not one of those people. I set six alarms in the morning and still wake up late. If I don’t write everything I need down on my grocery list I will forget stuff. Truthfully, I’m a bit of a semi-organized mess. So I, for one, definitely need a little help. That’s where my apps come in!

When it comes to tracking my food intake I personally use the LoseIt app. I’ve used it on and off since 2012. I’ve tried a couple others throughout that time, but I always come back to LoseIt when I get serious about my food tracking! There are some great features on this app! Not only can you track all kinds of foods from a huge preset list, but you can also scan the barcodes of prepackaged foods, track your water intake, set weight goals, and set reminders to track your food throughout the day.

Just like with food tracking, tracking your workouts/calories burned makes weight loss feel so much simpler.

Even better! It’s 2019 and apps can interact with each other so you don’t have to be switching between apps plugging in the info or doing math in your head to figure out how your day went.

My favorite app for tracking my workouts is the Endomondo app. Just like the LoseIt app, Endomondo has been my go to exercise tracking app for a number of years now.

Last year I tracked 760.8 miles on my Endomondo app! My goal for 2019 is 500 miles tracked. But I’ll talk about that in a later post.

I love 30 Day Challenges! Last year I downloaded a 30DC app for squats and did it for over four months consecutively. I’ve always had a big butt – in the best way lol – but now my butt is much rounder thanks to daily squats for months.

Honestly I have no particular apps I religiously use for challenges. There are so many and I switch between apps depending on what I want to work on.

No joke, Pinterest has brought me so much motivation and inspiration in 2018! Before last March I used to say “Oh yea! I forgot Pinterest exists. I use it for a couple of days then forget about it for months.”

Now I use it almost daily!

I started using Pinterest on my walks to help distract me while walking. I was just over 240lbs with a bone spur and knee pains, so the distraction was appreciated!

First I mostly just browsed what I was already speradically pinning. Like clothes, make up, nail art, the usual. After a while I started curating boards and pins about health and fitness. I had never realized how much motivation someone could find there!

Just like apps – if you can think of it, there is a pin/board for it. Fitness Pins, Wedding Boards, Recipes, How To’s, Advice, Wish Boards for clothes – basically everything!

One of my biggest motivations on Pinterest is Weight-loss before and afters. I love pinning people who all have changed to live healthier lives!

I don’t know what it is about seeing other people be successful that makes you feel like you could also be successful, but it is awesome!

Number One Tip for Using Apps for Weight Loss

You have to actually use them.

This might sound crazy….but there is no magical secret to weight loss.

Despite the gazillions of ads for pills, promises of losing 20lbs or more in a week, special equipment to get that desired look – there is one underlying truth.

If you don’t do the work nothing will ever change. No matter how much stuff you buy it’s pointless if you don’t actually do something.

Leave your comments or questions!

Have an app that helps you that I should check out? Tell me about it!

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