My Top 3 Favorite Blogs that I Follow on Pinterest

Short blog post this week! Please check out these three awesome blogs I enjoy and follow on Pinterest!

This blog has an almost endless amount of the healthy recipes!

Don’t know what to cook for dinner? Well going out to eat is an option…if you don’t mind the huge portions and extra calories. Don’t get me wrong, you can definitely find healthy options when you go out to eat. But who can resist those entrees with smothered chicken and loaded mashed potatoes? I know it’s hard for me.

While it takes more work and planning on our part (or our partner’s, whoever is the cook, or both!) cooking a healthy meal at home makes it ten times easier on our waistlines – and our wallets if you shop smart!

And as always, moderation is the best policy no matter how healthy a dish is!

Need a little organization in your life? Maybe some help blogging?

Then check out The Morning Buzz! So many great articles to choose from! From being a BossGirl to helping organizing the everyday things in your life.

You’ve probably seen Femniqe Pins before if you have searched the numerous Health boards on Pinterest. Femniqe dominates most of them!

Want to work on your glutes, abs, or just body in general? This is a great blog to check out!

What are some of your favorite blogs? Comment below and let me know!

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