14 Quick Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle can be a lot of work for even the most dedicated person. Changing habits that we may have been doing our whole lives – being a couch potato, only eating junk food, ignoring self-care – can feel impossible. But they are just that…habits.

Studies have shown that habits can be made or broken – even lifelong habits – in about 30 days. And since our habits dictate a large part of our lifestyles it makes sense that adopting healthy habits – like daily morning walks or eating out less – can have an amazing effect on our lives.

Here is a shortlist of tips and habits that you can easily adapt into your daily life. Start with one or two for a month until it has become a habit. And don’t worry if you mess up! As long as you keep trying is what matters most to achieve your goals.


1. Drink plenty of water! Keeping hydrated is probably one of the most important habits you can have. Staying hydrated helps prevent water weight, fight fatigue, keeps our organs running smoothly, and much more!

2. Pack your own healthy snacks. Because times happen when you are ‘ravenous’ – then you don’t have to approach the ‘unhealthy’ vending machines or make a quick go at the drive-thru when you aren’t at home.

3. Pack in more protein foods – they are the best for weight loss. Lean meats, seafood, beans, soy, eggs, nuts, seeds…there are so many delicious protein choices for any type of diet.

4. Drink green tea, boosting your metabolism big time. Because of the caffeine and catechin, an antioxidant, it’s theorized that green tea helps boost our metabolism and break down fat.

5. Stock up on fiber, it balances your blood sugar and your cholesterol, and more!

6. Eat most of your meals at home because you are in control of the ingredients. Making weekly menus is a good idea so you don’t deviate onto other unhealthier options – like fast food – for nights when you can’t decide on what to eat.

7. Let go of eating grains for every meal – they are the fastest way to pack on the pounds.

8. Don’t shop on an empty stomach. Shopping while hungry usually results in impulse buying of not so great snacks and beverages thanks to absolutely everything looking impossibly delicious.

9. Make healthy swaps like a coconut crust pizza, zuccini noodles, lettuce wraps instead of the regular unhealthier bases.

10. Throw in some fat-burning herbs, such as cayenne pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, and dandelion.

11. Downsize the size of your plate. When you use a smaller plate it tricks the eat into seeing more food.

12. Do a food cleanse – and I don’t mean drink juice for 24 hours. A food cleanse is just removing the junk from your everyday diet and replacing/adding healthier options. For example; instead of chips, eat popcorn. Instead of candy or dried fruits, eat fresh fruits.

13. Don’t drink your calories. I’m talking about soda, those extravagant high-calorie Starbucks lattes, and alcohol here. Having any of those things occasionally is no big deal…but if you are drinking so many empty calories daily you’ll notice the negative effects sooner than later. Coffee and tea are great zero/low cal drinks to incorporate into your daily routine – as long as you don’t use a bunch of sugar and high-calorie creamer!

14. Choose healthy fats like avocados, nuts, olive oil, etc. Don’t fall for the myth that all fat is evil and to be avoided. Eating fats is important to a healthy balanced diet and a functioning body. You’d be surprised what eating zero fat does to your brain!

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