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Top 5 Walking Accessories to Make the Most out of Your Workout

One of the best things about walking is that it doesn’t require any specialist equipment to get started. Put on some comfy workout clothes and some good shoes and you are good to go!

However, as you progress with walking, there are certain accessories that can enhance your walking experience and ensure that you get the maximum benefit from it. Let’s talk about some walking accessories that can bring you the best benefits from your walk.


1 – High Quality Walking Shoes

 While any decent shoe will do when you get started a high quality pair of walking shoes is a great investment for various reasons. First, they will provide your foot with the support it needs while you’re out walking and help to protect against blisters, ankle sprains, ankle twists and other unpleasant walking injuries. Second, they will give you extra grip when walking on difficult terrain. Finally, most high quality walking shoes are cushioned and provide plenty of ventilation which maximizes your comfort levels as you walk. Wearing the right shoe can help prevent foot, leg, and back injuries!

Please Note: You do NOT need to pay $100 for a good pair of shoes. My current pair of super comfy great for walking shoes are from Walmart and I paid less than $15 for them five months ago. My last pair were $75 on sale running shoes that gave me blisters and had to be retired after three months. Cost doesn’t always dictate comfort and quality of use!


2 – Hydration Pack

 If you’re walking medium-long distances, a hydration pack is another fantastic walking accessory. Not only does it allow you to conveniently carry all the water you need but it’s also hands free so you can rehydrate without having to stop walking.


3 – Nordic Poles

 Nordic poles have a number of plus point. First, they engage your upper body and help you get a more well-rounded workout as you walk. Second, they can increase the rate at which you burn calories by as much as 20%. Finally, they take some of the pressure away from your ankles, hips and knees when walking on uneven terrain and help to protect against impact injuries.


4 – Backpack

 A backpack is a very useful accessory for longer walks that can be used to store food, additional clothing, sun protection, your keys, your wallet and more. A good quality backpack will be comfortable, lightweight, distribute the weight evenly across your back and have multiple compartments for the various items that you carry.


5 – Sun Protection

 One final thing that you should consider when walking is sun protection. Even if it isn’t particularly bright outside, prolonged exposure to UV rays during the day can damage your eyes and your skin. By wearing sunglasses with UV protection and applying some sun cream before you head out walking, you can keep your eyes and your skin safe from these harmful UV rays.




If you’re starting to take walking seriously, these 5 accessories are definitely something you should consider. Not only will they help you get more from your walks but they’ll also protect against injury, dehydration and UV damage.

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