Hey, there!

Welcome to my website Assorted Collections. If you’ve already been looking around a bit, I hope that you’ve found something that peaks your interest! If this is your first stop, even better! Now I get a chance to tell you a bit about myself and Assorted Collections before you go exploring.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Ashley. Some of my nicknames include Ash, Ashmo, & Momo.


I’m a graphic designer born and raised in East Texas. I recently started on my healthy lifestyle changes and as of this writing (July 2018), I have lost over 30lbs through healthy foods, exercise, and forming healthier habits! My goal is to share my experiences, tips, and lifestyle changes with others.

Learning a healthy lifestyle is my main focus at the moment, but I have an assorted collection of interests that I want to cover on my blog Assorted Collections. As I mentioned above, I’m currently working as a graphic designer and I love all things creative/DIY like painting, crafting, rock engraving, and designing. Though I won’t be covering any of those (yet!) on my blog I will mainly be covering health, fitness, beauty, and fashion for now. Sign up for my monthly email newsletter to stay updated on future changes!

I chose the name Assorted Collections, not only for the matching initials (Ashley Curtis – AC) but because I don’t want to keep my blog only to one niche. I have a wide range of interests, specially when it comes to bettering myself, so I want to cover a few different areas; health & fitness, beauty & fashion, personal finance & budgeting, adulting and general helpful life tips and hacks.

I know, I know. All the “how to start a blog” posts I’ve been scouring for the past few weeks all say the same.

“Don’t pick too broad of a niche”

And I’m not. I picked five-ish good niches and want to cover all of them! So I didn’t pick one broad niche. I picked a few narrow ones! And I’m going to go from there!

Assorted Collections is officially live as of September 2018! I’m excited to build my content and learn as much as I can about blogging as I go. If you have any feedback or suggestions I would love to hear them! Click on over to my Contact Page and shoot me an email!