10 Healthy Grab & Go Snacks

Want to make your life ten times easier? Want to fix your diet – that’s what you regularly eat, not a short term thing – and find healthy snacks to replace those easy but high in calorie fast foodS? Then you’ve come to the wrote place! I complied a list of my top favorite grab and go snacks that are delicious and healthy! 1. Sting Cheese I love sting cheese! I take two with me everyday in my lunch bag. […]

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Like a lot of people, I’ve struggled with weight loss and body positivity for most of my 28 years of life. Fortunately for me, I stopped hating my body in my early to mid 20’s when I was on my first health journey and lost somewhere around 30lbs. Though I didn’t keep the weight off the self-love and body positivity I learned stuck around. But that doesn’t mean I was happy with the way my body looked at times. 

I’ve probably lost and gained – and lost and gained and lost and gained – somewhere around 50lbs in the last few years. Mostly gained in the last year or so since getting my first desk job as a graphic designer.

So when I stepped on the scale the week before my 28th birthday back in February (2018) I almost cried. I was at my highest weight ever at 240.6lbs. A good 20lbs heavier than I was when I did my first weight loss journey back in 2013 where I lost 30lbs but it took almost a year to do so.

I was devastated.



How I Lost 30lbs in Four Months